Water Activities

Giant Swing –. Do you wish to experience white water rafting? You can come here. Do you want to go bungee jumping? Your answer is Rishikesh. It is the one-stop shop for all your adventure plans. You can even sit on a giant swing here which is of 83 meters high. In a quaint village near Lakshmanjhula, Mohanchatti is the highest bungee jump site. You will be fitted on to a seat with a chest harness and then free fall as the ropes give you a smooth swing like a pendulum.

Scuba diving – Andaman is the perfect place to have a scuba diving experience. This experience will take a load of your monotonous schedule and bring you close to nature. You can even dive at night here but it should be noted that you need a diving certificate for it due to security concern.

Surfing – Moving south and talking about adventures, you cannot miss surfing in Goa for sure. This water sport is a challenging adventure where you will find yourself on banana surf in the flawless waves. If you are doing this sport for the first time, you can even quickly learn it here.

White water rafting – India is a country which has rivers all around the country and these rivers are a host to many adventure activities which includes white water rafting. This activity gives you one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life. It tests your endurance, it checks your presence of mind and skills, in short, and it is the perfect sport for all the adventure lovers. To experience the best of white water rafting, make sure you go to Rishikesh and Kullu.

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