Air Activities

Skydiving, Paragliding, Hanggliding and more- no place offers more opportunities to get airborne!  Take the ultimate leap from a perfectly good aircraft or stay onboard for a gently scenic flight, our experts pilots are waiting to welcome you into the Interlaken skies.

Skydiving – Ever imagined how birds look at us from the sky? You don’t have to imagine when you can experience it yourself here in Mysore. Skydiving is one of the most exciting adventures and you have to grab the first opportunity to sense it. In Mysore, you will be trained and then jump from the height of 6000ft to 10000ft.

Fly like a bird through the majestic mountains of the Swiss Alps. After just a few steps, you and your expert pilot will be airborne, gently gliding away from the take-off hillside and soaring high above Interlaken. After a breathtaking 20-minute flight, touch down gently in the middle of Interlaken. Paragliding is an amazing experience for both young and old.

Come feel the BUZZ!! Hanggliding is flying in its purest form. Fast, flat just like you dream. Catch thermals and up-drafts, experience wing-overs, stalls, dives or just a simple easy float over Interlaken. Flying in Interlaken offers a great view over the Swiss Alps and the lakes around it. Come join the freindly team Bumble Bee for the real flying feeling!!

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